Cohors Quinta Gallorum

Come along and meet members of Cohors Quinta Gallorum.

Three Roman soldiers with shields at Arbeia


Saturday 20 August

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Come and meet Cohors Quinta Gallorum, a re-enactment group focused on third century Roman military and civilian life stationed at Arbeia Roman Fort in South Shields. 

Cohors Quinta Gallorum is part of the Arbeia Society that has been set up to promote interest in the Romans at South Shields through re-enactment. Quinta aims to research, reconstruct and display to the public all aspects of military and civilian life in early third century Britain. It is open to anyone who is interested in this period. 

Cohors V Gallorum is Latin for 'Fifth Cohort of Gauls', the name for the auxiliary unit that garrisoned the fort in the third century.