Crafty Romans 2018

Creative family activities inspired by the fort's past

Boy and girl with Roman helmets and swords


Wednesday 8 August

Wednesday 15 August

Wednesday 22 August

Wednesday 29 August

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Donations welcome, free 

For all the family

11am - 3pm

Summer themes:  

  • 8 August: Feline Forever
  • 15 August: Natural Arbeia - bird feeders
  • 22 August: Shields, Swords and Crowns
  • 29 August: Anchors Aweigh


Wednesday 8 August: International Cat Day Feline forever Did you know that Romans were as fond of felines as we are today? They considered the cat to be an exotic and sacred pet and also the God of Liberty. In fact, they were the only animal allowed in Roman temples. Join crafty cat activities.


15 August Natural Arbeia - bird feeders The natural environment of Arbeia means that it’s very popular with local wildlife.  Make a homemade bird feeder to take home so you can discover which birds are native to your area.  It’s also a great way to help birds when their food sources are scarce, particularly with such a hot summer.


22 August Shields, Swords and Crowns Children can prepare for battle by designing and making their own sword and shield. Make a laurel crown to present to the winner of the battle.


29 August: Anchors Aweigh Inspired by Arbeia’s past guarding the main sea route to Hadrian's Wall, our final crafty Roman session has a nautical theme.  Craft porthole pictures or a mini lighthouse to take home.