Just what the doctor ordered

Find out from a surgeon and a food merchant how to keep yourself well in Roman Britain.

Alex Illes


Thursday 20 April

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11am - 3pm


Free, donations are welcome.


Drop in, no booking required.


How did people keep themselves well in Roman Britain? Learn all about Roman pharmacy and health during Roman Britain, as well as surgical techniques - not for the faint hearted! - from Alexandros, a Greek surgeon providing medical care at forts on Hadrian's Wall such as Arbeia.

Continuing the health theme, Flavius Crispus, a Roman food merchant, will take you on a culinary journey through Britain's food history and an exploration of the impact and legacy of Rome on our diets in the 21st century.

Chat with Flavius over prandium about his favourite recipes and have a go yourself at making Roman street food. Gorge yourself on luscious dates and mouth-wateringly sweet honey, or forget yourself in an amphora of aromatic Mediterranean wine. Finally, taste real Roman flavours in Flavius' high octane game of chance... 'what's in that?' Do you dare to try dormice and garum?