Move like a Hadrian

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Explore Arbeia’s multicultural and multinational past with resident artist Rachel Eleanor Brook.

A woman at Arbeia Roman Fort site


Saturday 23 July

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1pm – 3pm

Free, pre-booking essential 
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Food will be provided. 


Join artist Rachel Eleanor Brook and explore Arbeia’s multicultural and multinational past through an interactive and engaging tour of the grounds. 

What to expect 

This event begins with an interactive tour of the grounds. Starting at the West Gate you will talk about the presence of this reconstruction, consider what the atmosphere is like, what might we hear, see, smell and so on. You will be encouraged to imagine the original building and site. 

You will then move across the grounds over to the reconstructed Commanding Officer's house and explore before stopping in the summer dining room to enjoy some food together and take part in a creative activity. The creative activity will involve designing and/or writing a postcard to the past asking questions to the people who built, worked at, lived at, and died at Arbeia. Your postcard will form part of a communal artwork which will be unveiled at Arbeia in March 2023.  

You will eat, make, and socialise together and think about what happened on this site in the past and what might be at Arbeia in the future. 

About Rachel Eleanor Brook

As a visual artist and arts freelancer Brook produces abstract visual art, artist film/moving-image and digital art. 

Brook was commissioned by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums, in partnership with South Tyneside Council Cultural Development to creatively respond to the museum and its collection. 

This commission supports HW1900 and encourages the community and visitors to appreciate more about the rich and diverse culture and heritage of South Tyneside, locally and regionally.