Bracelets activity

This activity is aimed at schools & families to help discover the wonder of Roman objects in our collection.


Roman-British bracelets and bangles

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Bracelets and bangles found on Roman-British sites were made in a variety of materials. Most common were those of nonferrous metal (iron) and the black shiny materials such as jet and shale. Glass bangles and bracelets of bone, antler and ivory were also worn.

The bracelet to the right was made from plain copper alloy wire, with the eye for the hook fastener made by simply twisting the wire round to form a loop. The bracelet to the left was cast in a mould and has a fancier hook and eye, as well as ribbed decoration on the outer edge. Like nowadays, fashions in jewellery changed and wearing bracelets was never very popular in Roman Britain until the fourth century.


Take a good look at both bracelets

What do you see, notice and wonder about them? What type of woman would have worn them, rich, poor, slave, commanders wife or daughter?

Now it’s your turn

Using materials you have around the house or in school, try and make your own bracelets. Will they be simple or decorated? 

Learning extension

Research Roman clothing. Start by making a mind map of all the different classes and professions of Roman citizens and non citizens. Next find out what each one would have worn and add this to your map. Do you think soldiers from Roman Britain wore the same clothes as soldiers elsewhere? Do you think a Roman citizens tunic is the same as a non-citizens? Did soldiers wear the same clothing as trades people? Would a woman from a rich family have the same tunic as one from a poorer background?  When you have finished your research, make a chart and compare and contrast your findings. Using materials you have in school or at home, dress up as a Roman.

Make and share

Make and share your creations with us. Tag us on Twitter at @arbeiaromanfort, use the #Arbeiaathome hashtag, or post them on our Facebook page.

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