Week 2: drinking cup activity

This activity is aimed at families to help discover the wonder of Roman objects in our collection.

Drinking cup

This is a samian drinking cup, imported from France. Samian is a commonly used, but highquality pottery which is deep red in colour. It was found broken, but complete, in a drain running down the middle of one of the roads in the fort. Usually the pieces of broken pots get scattered and moved around over time, but this drain was obviously never cleaned out!


Take a good look at the cup

What do you see, notice and wonder about this object? What do you think the soldier who owned this cup drank from it? Do you use different cups at home for different drinks? Are they plain or decorated?

Now it’s your turn

Draw a picture of this cup, and decorate it. You can use whatever materials you have at home. You can make your picture on paper, or create a 3-D model. Why not cut up your drawing and give it to someone to put back together, just like our Archaeologist did with this one!

Make and share

Make and share your creations with us. Tag us on Twitter at @arbeiaromanfort, use the #Arbeiaathome hashtag, or post them on our Facebook page.

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