Let’s Celebrate Freedom

Family fun activity: How to celebrate Saturnalia.
You don’t need to be ancient or Roman to have some winter family fun like the Romans did!

Try making a Pileus, a pointed hat to wear during your celebrations.

Saturnalia was a period of freedom when everything was topsy-turvy and people's roles were reversed. What was considered abnormal was now alright and this meant that gambling, overeating, and disorderly behaviour was common place. During Saturnalia, it was traditional for all men to wear a pointed felt hat called a pileus. This wasn’t just a silly party hat, but a hat that male slaves began to wear after they had been freed. 

The slaves in the commanding officer home have been given their freedom during Satuanlia. Auralia knows that Satunalia is one of the most important holidays for the slaves because they get some time off and enjoy being served a good meal with the entire family. Regina, the children's servant has just bitten into a cookie with a bean it. HOORAY!!!, this means she is “King” of Saturnalia and can give the family crazy orders that have to be obeyed. What orders would you give your family and friends? 

Try making a pileus, a pointed hat to wear during your celebrations. You can use newspaper, fabric, or other materials you have around the house. Decorate your hats, and post a picture of you wearing your hat on our Facebook page

Follow the simple directions below: 


  • Draw a large half-circle on your paper or fabric
  • Cut out the half circle
  • Fold to form a cone shape 
  • Staple, glue or tape at the base, and down the seam 
  • Decorate 
  • Now wear it