Let’s get dressed

Family fun activity: How to celebrate Saturnalia.
You don’t need to be ancient or Roman to have some winter family fun like the Romans did!

Try this fashion designer activity.

Auralia has asked her personal slave to get the festive clothes ready for the celebrations. During this time of year brightly coloured fabrics such as red, purple, and gold were worn by the Romans. Slaves were treated as equals during Saturnalia and also wore their finest clothes. They were even allowed to sit at the head of the table with the Commanding Officers family! Appreciate your best clothes and dress up during this week. What colours will you and your family wear? Go all out and mix and match your wildest, best and brightest clothes, the Romans did!  

Try this fashion designer activity and dress home-made paper dolls in colourful funky fashion. Create your version of the latest holiday season collection that would make any Roman feel like a fancy pants! Grab some paper and colour markers or crayons and design your own line of clothing. Why not create a few paper dolls and dress them in the clothes you have designed? You can also use a doll you have at home and any materials you have on hand to make some outfits and dress them up. When you have finished, take a picture and post on our Facebook page.