Tog, toga, toga

Let's dress up

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Let's dress up

Traditionally, togas were worn like a modern-day tuxedo, a ceremonial garment designed to denote status among Roman male citizens. Noncitizens, slaves and women weren't permitted to wear togas.

It’s 2020 girls, so go ahead, wear that toga with pride! Togas were worn from the beginning of the Roman Empire through to its end and originated from an Etruscan garment known as the "tebenna." Unless they were participating in an athletic event, Romans would wear their toga over a tunic, so wear a shirt and shorts, or trousers or dress underneath.

Materials needed

  • A bed sheet, blanket or large piece of fabric. You can use any colour, though most traditional Roman togas were white. If you're feeling fancy, try purple (Roman senators often had purple strips in their togas, denoting status).
  • Some safety pins (helpful, but not essential).
  • A decorative pin of some kind (fun, but also not essential).


Click to watch a video on how to tie a toga.

Or If you do not have a large piece of fabric, you can use a large T-shirt and tie it like this.

TOP TIP: push the other sleeve inside the t-shirt.

Try and practice different ways of twisting and tying your toga, adding scarves, jewellery and belts to give it your personal style.

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