Make a Roman head pot

Learn about Roman head pots then have a go at making one from materials you have around the house.

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Let's get creative

Look at and read about Head Pots below then have a go at making one from materials you have around the house.

Top Tip: save empty milk containers, plastic tubs, egg boxes and bottle tops to help you make yours.

Have a go - make your own head pot

Head pots (sometimes also known as face pots) were widely used throughout Roman Britain and are some of the most striking ceramic items produced during Roman rule and seem to have been a speciality of Romano-British potters.

The rough and somewhat comical features of these objects were modelled by hand on pottery wheels. Although the hair styles and features shown on the pots are accepted as being Roman, the pots themselves seem to be almost entirely limited to Britain and have a distinctly Celtic look.

Their function and importance are unknown as they have been found in a variety of locations including burials, Roman forts and in household environments.

What would you store in yours, where would you keep it and would you model it after someone?

Here's one we made earlier

This face pot is made from a plastic container wrapped in brown paper, with egg carton eyes, nose and hair, and a plastic lid mouth.

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