TimeQuest - the Dig

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KS1, KS2 & SEND: History, Archaeology, Science

Person using a trowel to excavate a replica drain



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Maximum of 30 children per session. This workshop lasts for one hour.

Cost: £75

If you would like to make an on-line enquiry for this workshop please complete the enquiry form, or if you wish to speak with one of our learning team to discuss your visit please call the learning team on 0191 2115599.

Workshop Summary

How do we know about the past?

Taking on the role of archaeologists, and using real artefacts, your class will discover how to interpret excavated finds. From pottery shards to ancient building materials, and even fragments of bone that explain what the Romans ate, your class can find out about the past from a range of sources of information and begin to piece together the story of Roman life along the frontier.

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